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The lesson of Harry Reid

January 12, 2010

This weekend, a quote from Harry Reid  about Obama let the cat out of the bag. According to the new book Game Change, Reid pointed to Obama’s skin color and lack of “Negro dialect” as indications of his electability. 

Of course, this wasn’t the first old white Democrat to make a comment about Obama’s suitability. In 2007, Joe Biden said

I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

Biden was later picked as Obama’s Vice President. What does that tell us about Obama and about the Democrats? It tells us that Democrats use some blacks to harness the political power of other blacks. It reveals a deeply-hidden fear of some blacks. And it shows how race colors the thoughts and actions of Democrats.

 The Democrats use some blacks to keep them in power, just like slave owners used to. There’s a term for the African-Americans who defend their white masters over the interests of their brothers and sisters. Malcolm X would have called Obama a House Negro.

 Barack got the nomination because many whites in his party felt he was inexperienced enough to be controlled, and because Obama’s tendency to deliberate and seek advice make him susceptible to influence. Obama seldom makes a decision without long consultation from his advisors. He seldom speaks without pre-written speeches. And he always comes to the defense of Democrat policies, even when it means hurting African-Americans.

Take a look at his position on school vouchers. Washington, D.C. was a shining example of how vouchers could help inner-city kids get a better education. But instead of lifting up African-Americans, he towed the party line. In fact, so little has Barack done for “his people” in the African-American community, the Congressional Black Congress has complained about it.

  Harold Ford is getting stiffed by the Dems, because he has the audacity to think for himself. Obama is taking the party’s side against Ford.  Obama asked New York Gov. Paterson not to run for re-election. Obama may be color-blind, but if so then it’s an amazing coincidence that he always sides against the African-Americans.

 If the black community ever figures out how bad Democrats have screwed them for decades, there will be a major shift in the balance of power. The Dems have always sold out minorities in favor of unions. Check our urban education system for proof of that. Or walk down any street in Detroit, which is dying while union leaders count their money. Organizations like ACORN claim to help the urban poor, but their real role is to launder money to mostly-white Democrat lawmakers.

When will the African-American community stop allowing this mistreatment? When will they realize that the GOP is the colorblind party, and the Democrats use race as a political tool?

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