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By their works, ye shall know them

September 14, 2009

Some progressives may believe that their policies are good. But the fruit of liberal policies is a stain on our schools, a blot on our inner cities, and a nest of fraud and waste in our health care system.

Your average Democrat believes that government spending will help people. It’s time to show them the error in their beliefs. If spending more on schools makes them better, why are we spending ever more, with worse results? It’s easy to fix schools. Longer school year – more discipline = better grades. It works whenever it’s tried. Its the same on every issue that progressives love. Money is not the answer.

Once people realize that money is not the answer, we should ask “why, if the solutions are simple, do our leaders choose to ignore the solutions?” The answer is obvious – the powerful want to control more spending, because it gives them even more power. I believe that when Democrats realize this, they too will be filled with a desire to clean out the nest of corrupt politicians in Washington.

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