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Van Jones resigns… so what?

September 7, 2009

Big news to Glenn Beck fans, a puzzlement to New York Times readers. Green Jobs Czar, I mean “special advisor to the President’ Van Jones resigned today.  The White House had been pulling back from support of Jones as new announcements of his past statements came to light. He called Republicans “assholes”, and signed a petition indicating a belief that the U.S. government had been aware of the 9/11 plot.

Conservatives, of course, had many more problems with Jones. Like his claim to be a socialist. Or his role in the radical group STORM. Or his statements about “white people spreading poison in our inner cities. But now they should be dancing in the streets over his resignation, right?

In a word, no. Van Jones was a special advisor to the President. Valerie Jarrett made a big deal of bringing him into the White House, because he was the sort of visionary they were looking for. Does Obama’s core belief system change because Van Jones left? Does Jones no longer have the President’s ear? Nothing has changed on those fronts. The only difference is that now Jones can’t give speeches to students on the American taxpayer’s dime. But he’ll get all the funding he needs from left-wing groups who will portay him as a victim of the Republican smear machine.

The real issue is – will the White House change direction now that Jones has resigned? No chance.

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