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Obama’s health care plan will hurt the poor

August 12, 2009

The arguments in favor of more government health care generally revolve around to providing service to people who can’t get it. Obama was speaking today about people who have been turned down by private insurance, or people who get dropped after a serious medical condition is found, or more generally about people who can’t afford their own health coverage. But how will a government system help?


Look at another government program – the education system. The government argues that it provides the essential education that all of our citizens deserve. And yet, it’s really a two-tiered system. The rich pay taxes that go towards public schools, and then pay again to transfer their kids to the best public schools, or pay for home-schooling, or pay for private schools. They’re basically paying twice – once for a bad system, and one for a system that works.


The poor have no such option. In most cases, inner-city students have no alternative but to attend government-run schools that are overcrowded, that don’t produce results, and that are all run via dictate from the state and federal levels.


It’s the same with government health care. Those who can afford it pay for Medicare and Medicaid, and their state’s health system, but also pay for and use private insurance. Those who can’t afford private insurance suffer in a government system that does not serve them as individuals, but as masses of costs to be managed. In the end, the 84-year old mother of a wealthy suburbanite will more likely survive than the 84-year old mother of an inner-city single parent.

 Put more bluntly: Obama’s health care plan will hurt black people.  It will hurt hispanics. And it will hurt the poor.

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