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2 easy steps to fixing our debt and the economy

June 21, 2009

I’ve got a crazy idea to fix our welfare debt problem. It has 2 components. First, you have to get Congress to agree to sunset Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security in 10 years.
<pause for howls of protest>

You do that by giving Americans the money that we’re currently witholding. Suddenly, paychecks around the country get a LOT bigger. Provide some guidance on relatively safe health and retirement plans.

But this still leaves us with a HUGE debt to cover, because the “lockbox” seems to have been raided regularly. To solve this part of the problem, I turn to a time-honored tradition. What do families do when they have acquired too much stuff, and need to raise some money? They have a yard sale.

Uncle Sam’s acquired a number of goodies over the years that the private sector would just LOVE to make use of. A good start would be oil leases. <pause for enviro-outrage>

Hey, I know you want to save the world, but this is just temporary. The U.S. has spent too much money, and we need to raise some cash. There’s empty national park land all over the place that could be used for wind and solar farms. Or converted in to profitable nature parks and resorts.  Then you’ve got all of those closed military bases.

States would LOVELOVELOVE this move, once the shock wore off. Suddenly, the huge swaths of Uncle Sam land are available as property tax opportunities. And once they’re developed, they generate even more taxes on corporations and individuals.

As a happy byproduct, we’d employ more people, too. And starve Venezuela and the other Petro states. And help the travel & tourism industry on many levels. And living next to a resort or an oil field generally leads to increased property values.

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