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Reminder: ID Theft is an immigration problem

May 4, 2009

Another victory for the forces of Liberalism:

An illegal immigrant who uses false identification papers must know they belonged to another person to be convicted of identity theft, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Monday.

Many illegal immigrants use false identity information in order to apply for jobs and benefits. See here, or here, or here and here.  As many as 7 million immigrants are working on stolen Social Security Numbers. MSNBC tells of a Chicago resident who was shocked to be turned down for work at Target because her SSN already worked there.

The Supreme Court said that the illegal immigrant had to KNOW that the Social Security Number they were using belonged to someone else before they could be charged with identity theft. That makes perfect sense. But isn’t having an unauthorized social security number a crime?  According to at least one judge, no.

Meanwhile, California is facing huge budget shortfalls. At least some of the massive expenses in California are caused by the thousands of illegal aliens who are using public services. Illegals who send large portions of their income home to Mexico are less likely to be providing funds to the state via taxes on new car sales and other purchases.

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