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Help the GOP choose candidates

April 28, 2009

Today, Arlen Specter announced that he’s switching parties.  Cue standing ovation and wild cheering. The GOP leadership is saying his defection is not their fault.  I suppose I’ll have to take credit for it myself.

You see, I recently thought of a way to help the GOP find itself. Capitalism is a wonderful thing, and its tools can be applied in most any situation. What does the free market have to do with politics? Well, they both come down to money. I began voting with my wallet.

Many of us receive weekly letters or emails from GOP leaders. Generally they’ll have some sort of survey, or a letter trying to stoke the fires of their base. Then they have a donation form. I’ve begun witholding money, and instead writing a note that says “I cannot give money that may end up being used to support Arlen Specter. Seems like my message was quickly heard.

If the GOP would allow us to earmark our donations for or against specific candidates, they’d soon find out which direction to take the party. But of course, many of them don’t WANT to know what we think. Specter himself said

I’m not prepared to have my 29-year record in the United States Senate decided by the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate, not prepared to have that record decided by that jury

You want to take back the government? Vote out anybody who thinks this way! Don’t give them your money
! How DARE he consider himself above the interests of his constituents? Does Arlen think he deserves a lifetime appointment? The GOP could’ve had a real conservative gaining experience and seniority. Instead, they continued to back a Senator who is selifsh and liberal.

Vote with your wallet. Give to candidates who support conservative policies. Withold money from candidates who don’t hold your views. It’s time to put our money where our mouth is.  Make your voice heard, and don’t give allowance to the greedy and childish among our public officials.

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