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Defending Miss California

April 21, 2009

This weekend, Miss California Carrie Prejean may well have lost the Miss USA title because of her stance on the definition of marriage.  In some quarters, she’s being called a stupid homophobe for her position. I guess the folks at Beanstockd are ok only ok with some lifestyles, and not others.  Judge and blogger Perez Hilton has been on her case for the way she answered the question.  He says:

There is no right answer, but there could have been a much better answer!

That pretty much sums up the liberal way of thinking. It also describes the views of many career Republicans in Washington. The midset goes something like this. Miss California can think whatever she wants. But if she wants to get ahead in the world, then she needs to recognize when her position is unpopular, and be careful not to offend people with it.  Being outspoken about controversial stuff is bad news, according to this line of thought.

Well, there are several problems with that line of thinking. First off, she has a right to say whatever she wants. And she shouldn’t have to censor her thoughts or statements for the sake of offending people. 

2nd, her thoughts weren’t all that controversial to many people. As Fox News pointed out, her views are shared by Elton John. And Barack Obama. And I’m pretty sure the Catholic Church, and most any Imam, would back up her viewpoint. Moreover, the state of California apparently agrees with her as well.  Proposition 8, the amendment to the California constitution that defined marriage as between 1 man and 1 woman, passed with 52% of the vote. That’s not overwhelming, but if half of a liberal state agrees with you, how controversial IS it, really? It’s funny. The media says that California is a left-leaning state. And yet, in state ballot initiatives, they vote for limiting taxes, and gay marriage bans, and recalling tax-and-spend governors. And some pretty good conservatives came from California. Maybe California is closer to Miss California than they are to Perez Hilton.

The truth: Prejean’s position is only “offensive” to a small minority of people, most of whom happen to be in the entertainment and media industries. The same thing happens in Washington all the time. Republicans don’t want to be portrayed as hard-hearted or elitist. So they go on the Sunday talk shoes, and take “moderate” positions.  Democrats will also sometimes drift toward the center, but they generally don’t let such statements influence their liberal voting. GOP lawmakers, on the other hand, are worried about public appearances, so they take a step “across the aisle”.  Doing this repeatedly, of course, results in a GOP where we can’t recognize that welfare is wrong, and end up passing something like Medicare Part D. Compromise leads to thinking EXACTLY what Perez Hilton says: “there is no right answer”.

That’s the biggest problem with being quiet. And that’s the biggest reason why Miss California should be cheered for standing up for her beliefs. It’s important to stand for what you believe is right. Otherwise people forget that one side IS right and the other IS wrong. Silence means assent. Moderation means giving up. The sooner the GOP learns this, the sooner they can be a governing party again. And even if I thought standing for principles would lose at the ballot box (and I do NOT believe that), it would still be the correct course of action. Our elected representatives should, after all, represent something. Thank you, Carrie Prejean, for representing your state!

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