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Some honesty for the GOP

April 2, 2009

Lots of Republicans are arguing that we should oppose Obama’s budget for the sake of future generations. Really, we should object to Obama’s “spend to success” plan for more reasons than the simple theft from our children. Conservatives should oppose these massive programs because they’re wrong.

The GOP has a real issue with honesty. We’re all afraid that people will think we’re insensitive. It’s time we learned that compassion isn’t going along with liberal ideas. Real compassion is doing what’s right.  And taking money from citizens for government spending is wrong.

Our lack of honesty just CRUSHES us on the issue of trust. We continually paint ourselves into corners because of our inconsistency. And we muddy the waters to the point where lots of Republicans are no longer sure what they stand for.

Here’s the simple truth. The government provides NO product or service more efficiently than does the private sector. Stealing money thru taxes, fees, and restrictions means people have less money to help their neighbors. Medicare Part Z doesn’t solve problems – it panders for popularity, at the expense of trust, and at the expense of the individual. Put in everyday terms – when’s the last time you saw Uncle Sam buying doughnuts at a local fundraiser?

It’s time we stand up for what’s right, and say no to government spending on utopian programs. And it’s time we stopped being ashamed to say it.

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