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Bernie Madoff is a hero

March 6, 2009

Reports out of New York indicate that Bernie Madoff, who is charged with taking $50 billion from investors, be ready to cut a deal. I hope not. I think he may be a hero.

How’s that? How could this man, whomeveryone says stold billions, be a hero? It’s doubly proved, by two entirely different standards.

The first one is the practical standard. Did Bernie Madoff FORCE people to give him money? No. In fact, his was an exclusive list of clients, people had to search, connive, and seek his company and his counsel. People wanted to give him money. In fact, I’m sure many implored him to take their funds. To what purpose were these funds given? People gave him money in the thought that he could create grow it, as surely as water and sunlight grow grass. I would imagine that he warned his audience that there was no guarantee of profits, indeed most investment houses are very careful to make it clear that you’re turning money over to them at your own risk.  But people don’t read the fine print. The greedier we become, the less we care of the risk. Madoff brought risk back into focus for a nation that had become largely ignorant of the possibility of failure. By a practical standard, we should thank Madoff for reminding us that there is no success without risk. Additionally, he reminds us that failure is our choice. Investors chose to gave him money, instead of making more prudent investments. They chose not to question the hows and whys of his investment plan. Madoff’s clients may as well have been clicking their heels together. By the practical standard, Madoff’s a hero for reminding the world that “a fool and his money are soon parted.”

By the liberal standard, Madoff should still be a hero. It’s true that liberalism speaks of providing for the poor. But it’s greatest purpose is to punish the rich. Evidence of that exists all around us, as the President chastises bankers who go to conferences for the purpose of finding clients. What did Madoff do, if not take from the rich? And those few poor who managed to get their money into his hands – weren’t they guilty of seeking riches? He did them a favor as well, keeping them firmly in the grip of society’s embrace. Our President has railed against greedy “Wall Street” types. Madoff bilked thousands of greedy people.  He has punished those that Obama declares deserving of punishment. And Madoff provided the example necessary to bolster the arguments of liberals. His “theft” gives Congress just the excuse they needed to place more shackles on the rich, to reach deeper into their pockets. His greed will further the dreams of Democrats for years.

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