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My letter to Mark Warner

February 5, 2009

I asked him to diregard Obama’s Op-Ed, and focus on the task at hand. Feel free to copy it, modify it, and send it to your own Senator.

President Obama’s Op-Ed in today’s Washington Post is precisely the “politics of fear” which he campaigned against. Don’t let his campaign-style appeal cloud your judgement.

If the stimulus package doesn’t work, then upset voters will have no choice but to seek other representation in Congress. Your job depends on passing an effective stimulus bill. In addition, you have a responsibility to future generations, as do we all. Don’t burden them with ineffective spending that will take decades to repay.

Lastly, remember your consituents. Yes, the teacher’s unions will cheer this bill. But the Commonwealth still believes in balancing its budgets. Vote on appropriations, if we need to upgrade Federal buildings. Pass a budget, if we need to fund health research. But don’t do it in the stimulus package. Don’t do this to our future.

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