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Stimulus package, part V

January 23, 2009

Picking up on page 122, with the Environmental Protection Agency:

$800,000,000 to replenish SuperFund.  $200,000,000 for the Leaking Underground Storage Tank trust fund. Aka the LUST fund. I kid you not. The program already gets $70,000,000 a year from your gas tank.

State and Tribal Assistance Grants (aka money to buy state obedience):

$8,400,000,000. Of that, $6,000,000,000 for Clean Water state revolving funds. $2,000,000,000 for Drinking Water state revolving funds. $300,000,000 for Title VII, Subtitle G of the Energy Policy Act of 2005  (aka Diesel Emissions Reduction ).  $100,000,000 for the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act  of 1980 (aka SuperFund, again).

Next up, Dept. of Agriculture, pg.  126

Forest Service – $650,000,000 for capital improvements & maintenance. $850,000,000 for Wildlands Fire Management (only you, or a dump truck filled with cash, can prevent forest fires).

Pg. 128 – Dept. of Health and Human Services:

$550,000,000 for Indian Health Facilities.

OTHER RELATED AGENCIES (can’t we find a home for these poor guys?)

Smithsonian gets $150,000,000. National Foundation for the Arts & Humanities gets $50,000,000. People are hurting – we need a new opera.

Labor, Health & Human Services, & Education (pg 130)

Dept. of Labor: $4,000,000,000 for training and employment services. To be used as follows: $500 million to states for adult employment & training (no child labor money?) Spoke to soon $1,200,000,000 to states for Youth activities, including summer jobs for youth. Great – 3 million new jobs, half of them lazy drive-thru attendants. $1,000,000,000 to states for dislocated worker training. $500,000,000 for dislocated worker national assistance reserve (money we INTENTIONALLY won’t spend now).  $50,000,000 for YouthBuild activities (I smell a community organizer). That’s on page 132.

$750,000,000 for a competitive worker training grant program aimed at placing workers in high-growth and emerging industry sectors.

Community Service Employment for Older Americans:  $120,000,000.

$500,000,000 for State Unemployment Insurance and Employment Service obligations.

$80,000,000 for management & overhead expenses.

$300,000,000 for the creation of Office of Job Corps offices.

Dept. of Health & Human Services:

$2,188,000,000 for Health Resources & Services.  $88 million of which will move DHHS into new digs. Yeah, that’ll happen this year.

Centers for Disease Control: $462,000,000 for equipment, construction, renovation & repair.

National Institutes of Health: Nat. Center for Health Resources: $1,500,000,000 to repair non-Federal research facilities. Some arcane outside references, but it looks like funds must be spent within 10 years.

Office of the Director $1,500,000,000 – they’re supposed to distribute it to institutes and centers of the NIH, and to NIH’s Common Fund. ie, we don’t know what else to do with this $1.5 billion.

$500,000,000 for NIH facilities repair in Bethesda, MD and other agency locations.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (who?): $700,000,000 for comparative effectiveness research.  Another $400,000,000 for the Secretary of HHS to distribute at their discretion, for the same research. Nice. I don’t think aspirin works – what do you think? I’ve got money for folks who agree…

Administration for Children & Families (who would ever de-fund THIS?):  $1,000,000,000 for Low-Income Home EnergyAssistance

Payments to states for Child Care and Development Block Grant: $2,000,000,000.

Children and Families Services Programs: $3,200,000,000 of which, $1 bil is for Head Start, $1.1 bil is for early Head Start, $1 bil for carrying out community services block grants, $100 mil for carrying out Social Security Act RESEARCH.

Administration on Aging: $200,000,000 for aging services programs.

Office of the Secretary/Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (their IT guy): $2,000,000,000, to remain available until expended.

Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund gets $430,000,000 for advance research, and another $420,000,000 for flu pandemic preparations. Plus $50,000,000 for IT.

Prevention and Wellness Fund: $3,000,000,000. Is this a new agency? $2,350,000,000 of this gets moved to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Lots of set-asides for different prevention programs, including $150,000,000 to prevent healthcare-associated infections, page 155-ish. I wonder how many of these suggestions were paid for by big pharma?

Page 158 – we get a new agency! Federal Coordinating Council for Comparitive Effectiveness Research.

Page 164 – DEPT. of EDUCATION

Education for the Disadvantaged: $13,000,000,000 WOW. How many disadvantaged children are there? This is only for elementary and secondary ed.

$100,000,000 for Impact Aid to carry out section 8007 Title VIII of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.  Wait -we’re funding an education program that’s been around since 1965? How old are the kids that that program originally helped? How are they doing now?

$1,066,000,000 for School Improvement Programs.  $225,000,000 for Innovation and Improvement (again, funding a 50+ year old education effort).

$13,000,000,000 for Special Education/Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. How many Special Ed kids are there?  There are 6 million students with disabilities. 

Rehabilitation Services and Disability Research: $700,000,000.

Student Financial Assistance: $16,126,000,000 (page 169). Student Aid Administration,  $50,000,000. $100,000,000 for Higher Ed. $250,000,000 for the Institute of Education Services, for IT.

$14,000,000,000 for school renovation, modernization, and repair. $6,000,000,000 for higher ed modernization, renovation, and repair. Both are aimed particularly at green-ness. There are use it or lose it requirements here for the states. IT upgrades are also included here (pg. 179). Also other improvements that improve teachers’ ability to teach (massage service, anyone?).  All steel used in this projects must be from the U.S. (pg 182) Wow.  25% of funds have to go to Green Schools. They’re getting Youthbuild involved here.  I”m sure those kids will be great at construction work. States can reserver 5% or 500,000,000 for oversight.

Mandatory Pell grants: another $1,474,000,000. Student loan limits are also raised.

A new rule for Student Loan during “unstable commercial paper markets”.

Other agencies:

Corporation for National and Community Service: page 202 $160,000,000 to expand existing AmeriCorps grants.

National Service Trust: $40,000,000.

Social Security Administration: $900,000,000 for “Limitation on Administrative Expenses”. Of that, $400 mil is for a new computer center, and $500 mil for “processing disability and retirement workloads”.

Page  206 Military Construction (didn’t we just do a bunch of base CLOSINGS?)

$920,000,000 for the Army (of which $100 mil is for child development centers). Navy & Marines gest $350,000,000. $280,000,000 for the Air Force, $3,750,000,000 for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. National Guard $140,000,000. Air National Guard, $70,000,00. Army Reserve $100,000,000. Naval Reserve $30,000,000.  Air Force Reserve $60,000,000. Note that all of these facilities must be built within the U.S. 

$300,000,000 to the Defence Base Closure Account. $950,000,000 for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, for Medical Facilities.  $50,000,000 for the National Cemetery Administration. That takes us down to page 212, and:

The Department of State

$276,000,000 for a capital investment fund. Computer-related.

International Boundary and Water Comission US and Mexico. $224,000,000 for construction for the “water quantity” program to meet immediate requirements.

Dept. of Transportation:

Federal Aviation Administration grants-in-aid for airports: $3,000,000,000.

Federal Highway Administration: highway infrastructure investment, $30,000,000,000.

Federal Railroad Administration: $300,000,000 for Capital Assistance for Intercity Passenger Rail Service. That takes us to page 219.

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