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Stimulus bill, part IV

January 23, 2009

Financial Services and General Government starts on page 87.

$7,700,000,000 for the Federal Buildings Fund.$6 bil targeted to projects that will improve energy efficiency. $4 bil of this will be transferred to the Government-Wide Policy for the Office of Federal High Performance Green Buildings.

$600,000,000 for motor vehicle purchases “including plug-in and alternative fuel vehicles” (the ones that aren’t available yet? or the ones in very limited supply?)

Small Business Administration:

$426,000,000 for direct loans and guarantees. $4,000,000 more for administration. There’s a provision that the SBA can guarantee up to 95% of qualifying small business loans made by eligible lenders. The bill drones on a bit about secondary markets, and intrest rates that can be charged, and fees that can be charged by the loan program administrators, etc. Right now this loan fund has a 2 year life span. Subject to change, of course. This money can also be used to refinance existing SBA loans.

Dept. of Homeland Security starts on pg. 116.

$100,000,000 for salaries & expenses for “non-intrusive detection technology” at seaports. Since when does “technology” require a salary? $150,000,000 to repair and construct facilities and land ports of entry (which could also be paid for by GSA funds, but hey). $500,000,000 for new explosive detction & other technology for airports.

$150,000,000 for alteration or removal of obstructive bridges. I think that means money for drawbridges. FEMA – $200,000,000 for emergency food and shelter. Whee! More moldy trailers! Or moldy crackers, take your pick.

That’s it for Homeland Security – clearly not a priority. Just over $1 billion.

Dept. of the Interior (page 118):

$325,000,000 for priority road, bridge, and trail repair, mine/well remediation, hazardous fuel reduction, and construction.

Fish & Wildlife service: $300,000,000 for similar stuff on Wildlife refuges, fish hatcheries, and other stuff (of ourse) that they manage.

National Park Service: $1,700,000,000 to address deferred maintenance projects, construction, etc.  Or for operations. Time to take up those Park Ranger studies.

National Mall Revitalization Fund: $200,000,000, $100,000,000 of which requires matching non-Federal funds.  How big is the National Mall? Just line it in gold.

$100,000,000 for Centennial Challenge Projects. What are these? Glad you asked.  Thank you Teddy Roosevelt. Again, this requires matching non-Federal funds.

US Geological Survey (who make some great maps): $200,000,000 for repair and restoration of facilities, equipment maintenance, new equipment, and other deferred projects (note how the economic down turn became a chance for agencies to get equipment that couldn’t be justified in better times?)

Bureau of Indian Affairs: $500,000,000 for construction projects. That takes us down to page 122.

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