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The stink in the Senate

December 3, 2008

Today Washington DC opened a new Capitol Visitor Center.  It was an excellent example of government efficiency. The project cost $621 million dollars, more than DOUBLE its budget. Wouldn’t you like to be able to do that on your home project? Of course, it was also THREE YEARS behind schedule. You’d think the governments poor planning and misuse of our money would be insult enough. But not for Harry Reid.

Watch him say it:  “you can literally smell the tourists coming into the Capitol.” As several folks have pointed out,aren’t those “tourists” his boss? I’m sure most folks who visit the Capitol are civic-minded folks, likely voters. When the Senate Majority Leader has no more regard for his fellow Americans than to complain about their stink, it’s time for him to spend some time working on a road construction crew. Maybe he needs to get a good sweat going, to remember that most Americans are working hard, helping the country grow. But politicians are just stealing from the fruit of that very labor, and laughing as they do it.

Feel free to tell Harry Reid what you think of his comments.

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