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The Thanksgiving story

November 24, 2008

Many folks believe Thanksgiving is about how the Indians saved the Puritans from starvation. But in truth, William Bradford decreed the day to give thanks for the bounty that was provided by the free market.

No, really. Even the LA Times says so.

Initially, the settlers shared the land equally, and all production from their fields went into a common storehouse. Soon, they were running out of food, because some people weren’t very good farmers, and others were lazy. Why work in your garden when you can get food for free? Finally Bradford ordered that the colonists keep all of the fruit of their labors, allowing them to sell whatever they had left over. Miraculously, production increased. More here. And here

Of course, the Pilgrim thanksgiving wasn’t the first. The first non-Indian thanksgiving was in… TEXAS. And Virginia’s colonists also gave thanks. link

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