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Obama skips church

November 24, 2008
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Ok, we all skip church on occasion. But Obama is breaking some new ground by skipping church at least since the election. Touching of him to worry about the effect that his “retinue” would have on parishoners. Clinton and Bush didn’t seem to have any problems getting to church, though.

I suppose this does make it seem more likely that he didn’t hear Rev. Wright’s sermons during Obama’s 20 years of membership at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. It’s interesting how Obama avoids things that he says are important. He’s not going to church because he places so great a value on it. He also avoided wearing a flag pin because patriotism was too big to be limited to a pin.

At some level, when you believe things are important, shouldn’t you act on those beliefs? I agree with him – people should be judged by their actions, not by their symbolic gestures or speeches.

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