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One if by land, two if by sea…

November 20, 2008

That was the signal long ago, to signal how the English soldiers would be travelling to put down the unruly unfairly colonies. Today, we stand for a level of taxation,  bureaucratic impositions, and general governmental ineptitude that would’ve left Paul Revere speechless.

There’s another quote that informed my blog’s name. Thomas Paine said:

When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon.”  Link

“…the privelege of thinking”. Huh? Paine is talking about the duty of all citizens to be KNOWLEDGEABLE participants in government. In this blog, I’ll record news of the day, and provide my own warped (isn’t everybody’s view warped by their experiences) analysis of current events. The primary focus will be on the actions taken by government, and the consequences, often unintended, of those actions. I hope to provide a rich variety of links, some video, but more dry stuff, too; federal spreadsheets, facts and figures, minutes from Senate meetings, etc. Too many people make uninformed opinions these days (don’t believe me? Check this out).

As you may have deduced, I’m decidedly Big-C Conservative. So we’ll have some threads here to discuss what Republicans can do to improve their governance. But I don’t intend this to become yet another home for trashing the Big O (as fun and easy as that may be). I’ll often post articles critical of President-Elect Obama, but only from a standpoint of governance and promise-keeping. Lots of other folks have detailed the skeletons in his past. Let’s focus on the present and future where we can.

I would VERY MUCH welcome posts from around the country, especially folks with examples of the government’s influence in their daily lives.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to join in!

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